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Monika jest zdenerwowana pojawieniem się Adama. Próbuje skupić się na pracy. Prezes przydziela jej do pomocy Jacka, który zostaje jej asystentem. W biurze Moniki pojawia się Zeit, który w tajemnicy przed Starczyńską chce wynegocjować projekt dla własnej firmy. Borecka mówi mu, że jeśli chce współpracować ze stacją, musi mieć dobry pomysł na program. Adam żąda przeprowadzenia testów DNA na ojcostwo Basi. Marcin jest przeciwny badaniom, lecz Monika chce ostatecznie rozwiać wątpliwości dotyczące tej kwestii. Starczyńska odkrywa tajemnicę Sary.

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The Adams and the ‘M’adams!

A rambling rill that had started from the serenity of Gardens of Eden has created a world – wide – web of life. A fascinating, a site that is being actively surfed by many living creatures and principally by human being. A site that is operated with a public user id ‘action’ and a secret individualistic password ‘dream’. Human being: just like other organisms, we play the role of a ‘Safe locker’ and a ‘vehicle’. A Safe locker as we safe guard the precious 46 chromosomes encapsulated within our cellular nucleus and a carrier vehicle as we transcript and transport our Genome to the generation next. Thus making life the relay and genes the baton.

This is in short talking about something we are lavishly enjoying. Our brain the CPU + our mind the monitor + our intelligence the RAM + our thoughts the key board + our will the mouse = The life.

Since we have mentioned a little about Genome let’s spin a discussion out of it, let’s log on to and understand the genesis.

Our genes carry the sequence of genetic information in a language called as genetic coding. These genes are made up of DNAs. Each of the DNA is made up of four basic nucleotides. A G C & T, those stand for Adenine, Guanine, Cytosin and Thymine. These four nucleotides are arranged in specific sequence like many letters are arranged to write sentences. This sequence is passed to us from our parents and we pass them on to our offspring.

We all carry this book of the size smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence, in our every nucleus. A book that has got 23 chapters in it and about 3 billion letters typed without spacing. I am talking about our 23 pairs of chromosomes and about 3 billion genetic codes in them.

Take out one such nucleus and then take out 23 paired chromosomes from there. Do the whole genome sequencing for all 23 chromosomes. Write the entire sequencing in A4 size pages without spacing and punctuations. Accommodate 60 such letters in one line and 24 lines in a page. Your book will have 20 lacs and 83 thousand pages to create space for entire genome sequence. If you then start reading 100 pages a day it will take 57 years for you to finish reading the entire book.

So you better agree with me that life is not a fluke but a strategy. Someone created it and went away! Few thousand light years away!


Written by Rajesh Bhattacharjee, a Harvard Alumnus (Psychology).

Reguli Slot Machines

slot  machineSlot machines sunt joc mai interesant si mai putin stresant intr-un cazinou. Acesta este singurul joc care va veti bucura si in acelasi timp, sa castige bani. Pe masura ce introduceti orice caramida si mortar casino, veti observa imediat slot machines alinia de-a lungul intrarea cazinou, astfel incat jucatorii vor fi atrase de a merge in interiorul si sa se joace alte jocuri de cazino.

Slot machine sunt foarte atractive, din cauza desenelor si modelelor sale colorate. Cu toate acestea, jucatorii sunt intotdeauna fac greseli in timp ce juca acest joc de casino all-time. Daca vrei sa castigi in mare slot machines, atunci trebuie sa stiti aceste greseli comune si sa le evite. Urmatoarele sunt sfaturi care va pot imbunatati experienta dvs. de joc si de a creste sansa de a obtine suma mare de bani de la joc slot machines.

Evitati Sistemul Slot Machine

Daca sunteti de parere ca poti castiga intr-un slot machine printr-un sistem, este foarte gresit. Acest joc este o pura intamplare si nu are nevoie de nici o calificare. Fiecare rotire pe care le face este independent sau diferit unul de celalalt. Nimic nu poate dicta setul de numere sau imagini care va iesi imediat dupa fiecare rotire. Nu exista nici o formula matematica pe care le puteti aplica in acest cel mai bun joc de casino online.

Daca joci rapid, acesta nu va creste sansa de a castiga o multime de amortizare. Nu conteaza cat de repede te joci RNG are numeroase combinatii, asa ca nu va functiona. Cat mai mult posibil aveti nevoie pentru a va bucura si comoara de experienta de a lua timp. Este mai bine sa se relaxeze si sa se distreze ca te joci sloturi la unele dintre cele mai bune online casino zile aceste.

NU utilizati emotiile

Daca cineva devine jackpot imediat dupa ce joci, atunci nu se simt frustrat. Exista o mare probabilitate ca nu veti castiga potul cel mare, din cauza generatorul de numere aleatorii nimeni nu poate prezice ce combinatie va aparea.

Maximizati sansele de a castiga

Puteti face mai mult de la joc slot machines online daca va veti bucura de joc si uitati despre trucuri si strategii. Joc slot machine este un noroc pur, astfel incat cele mai jucator care iubeste acest joc de cazinou este mai interesat de distractie decat castiga bani. Intr-un cazinou online, puteti obtine rotiri gratuite si de a creste sansa de a castiga jackpot-ul. Un jackpot de la rotiri gratuite nu pot fi convertite in numerar; in schimb il puteti folosi din nou pentru a continua jocul.

Chiar inainte de a va decide sa joci orice joc de cazino cum ar fi sloturi, este imperativ ca stii limita. Setarea unui castiga si a pierde limita este foarte important pentru a evita pierderea suma mare de bani. Aveti nevoie pentru a gasi cel mai bun casino online, unde puteti juca jocuri de casino online. Cele mai bune sloturi de a alege sunt o aproape de cabina cerere castigatoare. Acesta este locul unde puteti gasi cele mai bune masini de plata. Cele mai multe cazinouri terestre face acest tip de truc pentru a atrage trecatorii pentru a incerca jocuri de casino online, cum ar fi sloturi atunci cand aud urale de la jucatorii care sunt winning.

SouI is a passenger in our Body

My soul is the passenger travelling in a vehicle, my body. Like any other passenger my soul likes to travel in an efficient, comfortable and safe car. It loves to travel through happy, challenging and productive landscapes of life. It likes high quality premium fuel to propel a quality engine – the brain. Purity and spirituality are its values and it is on a mission – ‘life continuum’.

My soul wants me to service the vehicle on a regular basis. It prompts me to be proactive in doing so. It wishes that I keep a check on the levels of petrol to ensure that car3I am not stranded somewhere where I am nowhere. It wishes that I keep a check on the level of engine oil to ensure my adaptability to situations. It wants me to keep a check on the level of break oil to ensure self controllability over my habits and thoughts. It also wants me to check the level of coolant regularly. This is to make sure that my inhibitory controls over my anger and corporeal whims are intact. It wants me to keep a plan B – the spare wheel ready for any emergency. It says “change your wheels before they drag your speed and efficiency and then burn your extra fuel”. I try to keep my soul – the passenger, Happy.

Who is the driver of the car? Yes it’s my mind. Steering of the vehicle is in the hands of my mind. But this driver before joining me was a formula one racing car driver. Habits die hard! So I have certain benefits as well as some difficulties with this driver. It is mischievous and sometimes reckless too! Sometimes it’s a novice and at times a master. I have quite a few dents here and there on the chassis pushing and bumping through others on the roads. But my soul always says “hold on; get your job done hijecwithout hurting others”. At times I lose control over this driver and it drives the car wherever it wants. Goes to the roads where I lose my energy. I lose my time and then reach back home nowhere! I know the passenger does not like it but then – oh! My driver! Frequently it happens that I am at home and my mind, the driver, takes the car away without my permission! I observe it’s movements in my GPS or in my radar. Slowly but steadily, mindlessly I lose control. My mind gets hijacked by my whims.

My soul says “obey traffic rules and maintain lane discipline”. But my driver likes racing and juggling and dribbling like a striker running towards the GOAL post in a 90 minutes football match. My thoughts, those combine to form my mind are addicted to winning. Come what may! ‘Don’t care’ is the value here. But my caring and sensitive soul doesn’t like it. My soul whispers in to my ear “life is a 90 years football game, play it with patience, passion and honest tactics”. Oh! I just talked about GOAL right? Few years ago I was directed by my soul to recruit a boss Happy passengerfor my racing mind. It advised “If you had a boss for your mind you may tame it’s hyperactivities and redirect it’s enthusiasm to larger accomplishments in life”. It referred an air force commander – “Purpose” to be my mind’s boss. It had said “If you have a purpose to direct your mind, your mind will drive towards purpose”. Since then my mind reports to ‘wing commander Purpose’. These days I get my mind to get clear directions and road maps to reach there where there is a predetermined task. These are the tasks those are the structural and functional units of my Goals. Believe me a lot of meandering and wastage of time and fuel’s been saved since then. My soul likes it the more now to continue to travel in my car.

My challenge is to keep this elite passenger in my car longer and happy. For that I need to keep my chassis shock absorbing and healthy. As my chassis becomes diseased through my ill habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, sniffing drugs, over eating, adopting a sedentary lifestyle, or I become old – I discharge my batteries. My soul would then find an excuse to get down from this jerky cab ASAP and take a better one, a fresh one. It won’t stop. It’s on a mission “Life continuum”. pilot co pilot “By the way who am I? Well, you are listening to ‘conscience’, your co-pilot from mindcockpit. Along my side is flight commander Purpose. It’s a privilege navigating your mind. We both control your directions here from the clouds”.


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