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The Rise of Singapore – A Leadership Lesson from Lee Kuan Yew (part 1)

26 km in breadth and 50 km in length. Overall about 700 square km of land, Singapore, an island country that equals the
size of Pune city in India, has beaten enormous India, China, USA, Japan and Hong Kong in its per person productivity. Per Capita GDP (aka per person productivity) is an indicator of productivity, progress and prosperity of a nation. It is a parameter to compare relative economic performances of various countries. This means on an average a Singaporean citizen contributes more to the country’s GDP in comparison to the citizens of all the other countries mentioned above. Amazing! A country that got freedom only in 1965 how could turn around so majestically and astonishingly and become what it is today?

If converting this tiny traditional, religious conflict hit, poor fishermen village into a massive financial hub was a magic, then Lee Kuan Yew was certainly the magician. Magicians work hard and deploy killer strategies creating perfect illusions so did Lee. He had created perfect aspirations among citizens of Singapore. A population which is a mix of Chinese, Malays and Indians, following varied religions, needed to remain united and glued to the dream that Lee saw. Lee inspired them all to see a common dream – economic liberation.

Lee’s idea was very simple – invite investment and create jobs in the land which was otherwise deprived of natural resources. But then who would come to a land to do business where political vandalism, unskilled population and rioting publics take on the land for rides?

Let’s look at those tiny steps, the builder of the nation – Lee took in making the country prepared to take lead on the stage of world economy.

Lee Kuan Yew contributed immensely in liberating this tiny island from British colonial rules in 1959. He had then lead the country to a merger with Malaysia in 1963 before breaking up with it in 1965 to from the independent state of Singapore.

What did he do to change the socio cultural, educational and political image of the land to attract MNCs from all over the world to come and set up industries in Singapore? Well that’s not a step by step composition of a musical extravaganza but a step by step advancement on a Warfield. A war that he strategically fought against with ill habits, traditional mindsets, communists within and neighboring enemies.

Continued as part 2 in my next blog.

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Buying Signals

Like those FBI interrogators interrogate suspects, a killer salesman stimulates, reads and interprets verbal and nonverbal signals from prospects. And think what, they do it all at a time simultaneously like those hard core pros. An effective sales talk is like a FORCE that affects a displacement or a movement in the state of the mind of the prospect. When a sales person interviews and proposes a prospect to make a buy, s/he facilitates a change in the mind set or belief of the prospect. This change in mental state is critical without which there is no buy. Thus this displacement must be facilitated with a lots of care, caution and observation. This changes affect the way a prospect uses to think before and after a sales call. During sales calls the knowledge of benefits of a new opportunity or product offerings stimulate those biological responses (changes) in the prospects mind and body. These changes may manifest in the form of various signals like vocal, non-vocal and body posture alterations. One needs to be alert and vigilant to catch those buying signals, right there in that moment. Buying signals – positive or negative must be caught in the radar system of the seller.

The salesmen if not well-versed with her/his sales talk, would falter in observing the subtle signals happening in the mind/body of the prospect. S/he would rather only concentrate very hard retrieving mugged up info. Deep engagement with internal retrieval system neurologically disconnects one from outer environment. Prospect may not express those changes verbally loudly every time. However through various vocal cues and changes in body postures, s/he gives visibly loud signals. Reading those signals/indications are extremely important and so is the importance of interpretation of those signals.

When we drive we refer to many traffic signals. Other than those Red, Yellow and Green signals most of them are very perplexing and need training to understand. Linguistic (vocal) expressions are like those Red, Yellow and Green signals. Interpretations are seemingly easy here. However, in the first place, catching a subtle signal in the posture or facial expression is tough and needs pin pointed observation skill. Leaving alone the toughness of assigning meanings to those signals in postures or facial expressions.

A salesmen is primarily engaged very tight to the detailing talk. At that point of concentration his pre frontal cortex part of the brain, (controls his working memory and executive function), is engaged full throttle to the task in hand. Task in hand is off course to not forget the minute product details and minding the polished executive behavior. At that point of time s/he retrieves information from her/his memory systems. These strong connections subdue our visual alertness making external observations meager. Leaving apart assigning meanings to them which require involving the cortex that’s already busy digging out memories from memory banks of the brain. For an instance imagine you are trying to recall some names and what do you do? You close your eyes, right. Disconnection from environmental realities by closing eyes help digging things right from darkness of memory wells. But not in a sales call. Involving both the cortex in reading signals and memory retrieval system to continue the detailing talk simultaneously is tough. However practicing the art of observation sharpens one’s observation skill and farther training and practice may enable one to do both with sufficient ease.

A salesmen shouldn’t be any less than an FBI agent. S/he must be trained on the art and science of reading and interpreting verbal and nonverbal buying signals and rejection signals. This is too important to ignore. Observation on this topic would guide and help the sales call reach destination more productively. Understanding the signals would help customize one’s sales talk according to the biological responses each of the product benefit or service or idea is evoking in the prospect’s mind and body. It will also help minimize derailments of the prospect from your laid sales track. Else s/he may board and off board during the call and you end up saying “thank you very much for your kind attention”! Watch the video on “Buying Signals” in YouTube to better interpret buying signals.

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The Neuroscience of Leading through POOR performance?

Have you ever thought why you feel happy and excited even with the thought of having a cup of coffee? Or why you feel happy with the thought of having a go flying in the evening with your best friends and champaign? Do you get tempted to just buzz in and savour some sweets at one go when passing by a mouth watering Sweets shop. Well in the language of psychology this behaviour is called as craving. Craving gives us ecstasy even with the thought of indulging into a habitual behaviour. Craving gives us the happiness before we indulge into the real or actual act of physically exposing our body to that particular stimulus. When for a substantial period of time we practice a particular behaviour be it smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol or getting up early in the morning and going for exercise or having certain type of food, we form particular habits. Craving drives our habits. Though drugs form dependence later on, at the initial phase any habit formation follow this Loop CUE, CRAVING, ROUTINE and REWARD.

We have discussed in our previous post that habit formation requires three basic ingredients namely a cue, a routine and a reward. But when you continue a certain behaviour for a long period of time the reward which initially comes at the end starts coming immediately after Cue. That means the happiness is already experienced before actual act. We understand from this discussion is that it is not only cue and a routine and a sense of the accomplishment associated happiness that helps us form various behaviours or habits, it is also the craving for that particular moment that solidifies those habits in us. Craving repeatedly invites us into the execution of our those behaviours. Examples: It is the THOUGHTS of endorphin rise and the happiness felt therefore after exercise is the motivation behind exercising. It is the preemptive FEELINGS of euphoria after taking a particular drug like caffeine or alcohol that creates a craving. Craving is FELT in thoughts and  is powerful to drive actions, when repeated in autopilot are called as HABITS.

Having understood how habits form and how they are persistently driven now the challenge is to understand how do we change habits.

Let’s take the example of Indian cricket team during Greg Chappell’s coaching period. It is known to everyone today that Greg Chappell as a coach almost destroyed a very well knit Indian cricket team. Out of many new habits good or bad, those were formed during this period of anarchy one we could discuss is when the players used to go to the net for practice. There were cues. The cues were the alarm clock in the morning, or the call from other colleagues, or all the habituation of the players since very long, of getting up early, putting the shoes and tracks and moving towards the field.

Now look at the changed routine during Greg’s time. Previously these same players used to look at each other as synergistic contributors. But under the coaching period of Greg Chappell these bunch of legends started looking at each other as  competitors. A competition to stay in the team by overpowering the other. People started focusing on individual records. Team went south. There always lurked the risk of loosing out from the team. Many legends were temporarily destroyed during that time like the Ganguly’s. These players started guessing every morning who’s from who’s camp! From the coach’s camp or from the captain’s camp. Whom they could trust sharing their feelings and whom to not. There were massive ideological differences between the captain and the coach. All these gradually divided the team into fragments of nonperforming individuals. This was the CHANGED routine from the previous base line routine that took away the element of CRAVING for team performance from each players psyche. Though the reward for habit formation was high: only to remain fit and retain post in the team that too just to hang on there.

The changed ROUTINE changed the performance of the team India. They lost their chances in the qualifiers during the World Cup in 2007. After a lot of brawl between the coach and the captain the board took a decision to Fire the coach under media pressure and even public pressure. A new coach Gary Kirsten took over. He got a team which was no more a team but a bunch of devastated, demoralised, dissociated individual players.

Gary’s primary goal was to built trust and respect for talent in each of the morally down legends of the team. Don’t forget the likes of Sachin, Saurav, Dravid, Laksman, Jahir Khan, Harbhajan all were a part of that team. There was no dearth of talent or potential. There was a need to change the habits of the team members. Habits those developed in those years of highly polarised political environment were mistrust, nonperformance, low self esteem, procrastination, passing the buck, instability, indiscipline and shaken beliefs on the entire system. Goals were invisible, misty and murky.

Through many scientific research by that time it was well established that when you try to change performance of people you don’t alter the CUE neither alter the REWARD but alter the ROUTINE leg of the Habit loop. Particularly this formula is very popular  among the coaches who coached big football teams or cricket teams or any other teams who play international standard games. Sporting psychology explains it better.

So what did Gary Kirsten do?

He did not change the cues or the rewards. They all remained the very same. Kirsten only targeted Routines of the team. He established himself as an enabler and not a destroyer. He established that he was not an administrator but a facilitator. He restored TRUST among team players and recreated that respect for each other’s capabilities. He became a dependable bridge to communicate between team and board. He respected talent in the team. He set fitness and performance as the only  yardsticks in being in the team not mere age or previous performance. Team players started looking at each other as performance partners and not competitors. A lot of synergy flew in immediately with the trust flying in. This lens of looking at their own performance had put the focus back on self performance rather than the external environment. Threat was abolished. Practice sessions became fun. Gary himself became the CHEER LEADER of the Team India. Soon came back CRAVING to go out there in the field and perform for the team. Self esteem was restored. This Gary’s team ended up winning the mighty World Cup in 2011.

So what do the leaders who almost always COACH, should do in getting the performance back on the track out of ruckus? Well research recommend that they should not try and CHANGE the performance by trying to change everything at a time. They may rather only change the HABITS of their people. In the habit loop of CUE, CRAVING, ROUTINE and REWARDS change only the ROUTINE, HABIT will change as an effect! Positive Performance will just follow as the outcome.


This article is written by Rajesh Bhattacharjee,  a Harvard  Extension School Alumnus,  Psychology. He is a technical Coach and a Leadership trainer.

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Passion, Patience, Perseverance and leadership

A fine morning a mother opened a baby food tin to prepare a serving for her 6 month old baby. To her shocking surprise she found a dead butterfly in the sealed tin. She screamed and screamed well. The news became viral in local newspapers within no time. Manufacturer denied any responsibility doubting pretention of the incidence and also questioning evidence for the insect been found in a sealed tin. No snag was found whatsoever in the quality control procedures following consequential investigations. However the sales of this particular brand nosedived in 6 adjacent states of India. Within next few months almost all the distributors denied to keep any stock owing to very low demand from end users in the region.

The brand died. 2 years later the manufacturer launched a new team and a new sales manager joined the company in that region. In charge of those 6 states this new guy was not aware of this two years old story. He approached distributors to book orders along with his teammates. But then everyone denied placing any order for the particular brand. He came back to local office and asked the branch manager about the matter. The branch manager then made him aware of this 2 years old story and sincerely advised him not to focus on this brand but on other products of the division. That very night the manager spoke to the national sales head. Even the he echoed the same and advised him not to focus on baby food range and build other brands in the region. Manufacturer was convinced that the baby food range was a “DEAD BRAND” in those states.

But this sales manager who’s a local guy from the region asked himself a question “how come I do not know anything of such a big incidence?”.

Next very day he announced to the national sales head “Boss we are going to make the baby food range a big one in my region”. NSH was in denial but surprised. This manager decided but. He started exhibiting a lot of passion to make the baby food range a big one. Slowly and passion and patiencegradually the passion exhibited by the manager infected everyone in the team. Everywhere he went he showcased an urgency to establish this infant food range.  The entire team started meeting pediatricians of the region and exposed the brand to them as many times as possible.  Pediatricians would ask questions about the incident but every individual had one answer- with a big honest smile they would say “Doctor that was our past, let’s try the present”. No denial, no altercation, no apology but pure assertion. Data presented, evidence of quality presented, continuing medical educational programs arranged in small groups, chemist shop displays been made, etc. But most important of all – the team presented bagful of confidence and passion for the brand to the potential patrons. Emotional and rational appeals were made to the trend setters. The entire team had projected a huge degree of patience and perseverance along with passion towards reaching the Moms (through doctor’s and chemist’s endorsement) with the benefits of the brand.

Slowly, very slowly a few of the prescribers started endorsing the brand while advising mothers on breast milk substitutes. Demand reached chemists and subsequently to the distributors. Few tins, about a 100 a month, started moving in 6 states, here and there. But for the manager these 100 tins were not less than a thousand, psychologically.

1 year of passionate display of eager had shown the team success. A year later the team clocked a sales of about 800 tins a month. Which by the end of next year touched 8 thousands tins a month. That was in 2003. Today the brand is a household baby food brand and can be found in every chemist shop in those 6 states. Not only that the brand is now available even in grocery shops and supermarkets. It’s a mega brand for the manufacturer too. One man’s passion changed complexion of a story.

No earth shattering marketing strategies but pure passion of sales team revived a brand, against all odds. Later on the manager investigated by interviewing the older sales representatives about the debacle. He could find that the butterfly news affected the failure is not tryingpsyche of those older sales people more than anybody else in the market. Whereas, ignorance of the incidence helped the new team and the manager to believe that – this news was hyped out of proportion by the local sales team more so within the organization than in the out. They were tired and clueless attending doctor queries. They gave up first before the mothers stopped feeding the brand or doctors stopped endorsing it. They believed that was the end of the brand and asserted that it would be a big waste trying to revive it. They tried to face the heat but only burnt their fingers. They all failed to rise from the ashes as they lack resilience killed by fear.

The take home of the case is that it’s the degree of passion and the resultant determination of a sales team that either mars or Builds BRANDS across industries. At the same time a leader has to be a sublime character who keeps away from snatching credit rather is generous in giving it away. A leader who is verbally silent and loud in action, steers team through exhibited behavior. People follow him as the moon follows the earth. It’s natural. They don’t focus on the development of this force, it occurs naturally to them. A leader’s relentless conviction to possibilities clears off cloud from the mind of followers. They start believing on the possibilities. They then together make possibilities come real.

A leader’s constructive thoughts thus are the biggest assets of an organization, pessimism – the liabilities. A good orator may win psyche of common men and become a minister. But to become a true leader one needs to win the hearts of followers. And there it takes a leader’s ACTIONS.  Effective leadership is about exhibiting passion and acting on it. This action galvanises inspiration to achieve the unachievables. Passion, Patience and Perseverance move mountains.


This article is written by Rajesh Bhattacharjee, a Harvard Alumnus on Psychology. He is a technical coach and a leadership trainer. You may contact him at

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Loyalty is conclusion, Trust is the Trial.

When trust gets promoted, it graduates into loyalty. Loyalty is the outcome of sustained trials of trust. Trustworthiness of a person is child parent relationtested by the stake holder before and after every deal or mock deal. Even a child tests the trustworthiness of parents before jumping or falling on their stretched arms. When I proposed my girlfriend for the first time she truthfully said “No”. Eventually I proposed her a few thousand times. Every time she sincerely said “No”. However she didn’t stop communicating with me. She’d put me on a trial to try my trustworthiness and to ascertain the longevity of my feelings.

 5 long years I was tried in the court of love by the judge: my girlfriend, unaware. Trial objectives were to ascertain if I was a good man who is responsible, committed and not a flirt. This is a natural selection process and there is no harm in it. But at stake were her ability to trust and my probability of being trustworthy. In those 5 long years I had never lost my focus. Neither had I let my ego come amid. At the end the trial reports came in my favor. I won her loyalty and won her in my life.

Now after 11 years of our courtship we are faithful to each other. Faith is always blind. We progressed to this blindness. Blind faith is a product of the following functions: love, trust, fidelity, belief and loyalty. Each one of these functions, collectively and independently is directly proportional to the product. All these ingredients are the Leader Follower Relationshipbuilding blocks of every relationship. We both have been handling them with care, as we knew they are brittle. Relationships between lovers, spouses, sales men and customers, leaders and followers, child and parents, teachers and students, managers and subordinates, animals and man are constructed with these universal building materials, no difference whatsoever. Any provocation to misuse one’s blind faith for attaining any object of self-interest thus better be dealt with courage and conviction, mutually.

Faith is the vehicle for spiritual relationship. Faith is the God. We respect care and trustdo not question it. However trust came through CC TV camera. Trust operated from the beams of suspect. Faith exists in the shades of belief. Transparency – that of purest water, unveiled those veils from the faces of all doubts. Me and my Love an eternal pairing that’s not been made in heaven but tried right here on the face of the earth.


If you like this blog you may wish to drop few comments before you share with your loved ones in family in profession or in business.


This article is written by Rajesh Bhattacharjee, a Harvard Alumnus on Psychology. He is a technical coach and a leadership trainer. You may contact him at


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Symboles celtiques signification et l’utilisation de symboles

Symboles celtiques signification et l’utilisation de symboles celtiques\r \r La signification des symboles celtiques n’est pas toujours facile à déterminer Guy Lafleur Jersey. Il ya peu ou pas de documents écrits détaillant les significations. Beaucoup de significations ont été ajoutés ces derniers temps et le sens original est inconnu.\r \r Il a été identifié que 8 noeuds de base forment la base de tous les autres noeuds celtiques. Aucune preuve n’a été trouvée pour attacher l’un de ces nœuds pour une signification religieuse ou philosophique. À un certain moment cultures Wicca adopté diverses noeuds et significations de leur choix pour les noeuds, mais ces significations n’aviez pas existé avant. La seule signification possible quant à la signification des noeuds réside probablement dans affichent comment les êtres humains capables sont des œuvres d’art complexes. Cela en soi peut avoir été un hommage à un être supérieur\r \r Le Triquetra est un symbole celtique populaire. Cela signifie en réalité que riangle? Et se réfère à toute forme celtique de trois cornes. Généralement, il est considéré comme trois longues boucles d’interconnexion avec un cercle qui passe par le milieu de chaque. Il a été constaté sur les premières pierres dans les régions païennes germaniques et apparemment eu quelque eligieuse? Sens, aujourd’hui perdu, mais peut avoir été associé à Dieu germanique Oden. Le sens des Celtes est incertaine, mais est beaucoup utilisé dans la plupart de leurs travaux d’art au début. Finalement chrétiens utilisaient le symbole de se référer à la Sainte Trinité (Père, Fils et Saint-Esprit). Divers groupes païens modernes emploient le triquetra pour symboliser les éléments de leur foi Guy Lapointe Jersey, comme la terre, l’eau et le ciel ou comme le symbole de leur lien avec les anciens Celtes.\r \r La spirale est l’un des symboles celtiques les plus courantes. Il n’y a aucune trace écrite de la première signification, mais le symbole apparaît à peu près partout dans l’ancien Celtic et dessins païens autres, des logements, des grottes et des tombeaux. Il est pensé pour être un hommage au soleil, ce qui rend une forme de spirale dans le ciel tous les trois mois dans son précession ou un hommage à la possible cycle sans fin de la vie (naissance, mort et renaissance). Aujourd’hui, il est le symbole Wicca utiliser comme un emblème de l’esprit de leur déesse.\r \r Triskeles sont l’un des symboles les plus fréquemment observées. Il est trois spirales dans un arrangement triangulaire reliés par une ligne continue. Des significations différentes ont été attribués à ce symbole. Mais depuis, il semble beaucoup sur les tombes, on pensait à se présenter à la naissance, la vie et la réincarnation, ou le soleil, au-delà et la réincarnation. Il a peut-être une signification similaire à la Triquetra. Beaucoup ont affirmé que si le Triquetra représente le cycle de soleil 3 mois que le Triskele représente 9 mois de grossesse!\r \r L’arbre de la vie celtique peut être représenté de plusieurs façons, mais porte la similitude de ressembler à un arbre. Les arbres ont été considérés comme sacrés pour les anciens Celtes. Il a fourni du carburant, des abris et de la nourriture! La vie elle-même a été considéré possible parce que des arbres, donc la ree de la vie? Les arbres ont été associés avec le monde surnaturel ainsi. Ils étaient reliés au monde des esprits et considérées comme des portes vers le monde de l’esprit, en particulier le chêne. Les arbres ont été pensés pour porter des messages au domaine ther? Arbres, avec leurs racines dans le sol et les branches dans l’air, ont été considérés comme un lien entre les royaumes.\r \r Voici quelques-unes des significations les plus connus de symboles celtiques. Beaucoup plus de symboles existent pour vous d’explorer.