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The Net Worth of Life – 3

‘I can do, I should do, I will do and I must do’. These were the writings writings on the wallon the walls of higher secondary exam aspirant Chandresh Bhutani’s one room home. He had glued previous year’s HS toppers names on the wall and pasted his photograph too with 96% marks.

Ratilal, his father, just lost his job as a diamond polisher due to economic downturn, borrowed money to facilitate his education. His mother had started a tiffin service to fuel the household expenses. Chandresh appeared in HS final. The results were announced and he scored a 94.43% and stood second in the state board. He said ‘My family and I had to suffer a lot and I hope to change all of it even for others’. Chandresh kept the end in the mind ‘an escape from the poverty’ through education. His success came as writings on the wall.

Usain Bolt imagines standing ovation of crowed, during his practice Usain Boltsessions in empty stadiums. He travels from the success to the efforts. This approach makes his real success look effortless. He remains stress-free, focused, happy and ecstatic through his preparations. That enables him to go off like a nuclear reactor on those ‘D’-days of events.

One very apt example could be when we learnt bicycling in our childhood. We never focused at and so were never scared of the risk of falling down and fracturing our bones. Rather we carried an image in our mind of ‘riding a bicycle and going to school’. We learnt it, as if effortlessly. This approach makes small people achieve big things and live larger than life status. This success to effort approach certainly increases one’s net worth of life.


This article is written by Rajesh Bhattacharjee, a Harvard Alumnus on Psychology. He is a technical coach and a leadership trainer. You may contact him at himadree@mindcockpit.com

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The Net Worth of Life – 1

When we enjoy a cool 10 degree centigrade inside a luxurious car we are unaware about the temperature inside the engine. Frankly IMG_3616speaking how many times we even thought about it? However this realization brings us to think on the background efforts needed in accomplishing essentially anything in life. Think about dining in an exquisite  restaurant or a smooth sail with Viking River Cruises or a superb speech by Barack Obama, all have some common things, unseen. Hidden behind the curtains of jazzy performances, they are these twin Ps’: Practice and Preparation.

They are modest and they never show up. Neither do they claim credit. But just like the chords of a Bass guitar in an orchestra they are only to be felt in the totality of the performance. They are just a notch louder than silence. World is interested only on the climax of our performance. What it takes to take us up to those well recognized performances are those twin Ps. These twins have the mother: analysis and the father experience. When they both met what’s born was the first P- Purpose. Twin Ps are younger sisters to this big brother. Intution is their grandma. Once one focuses on these 3 Ps there comes eventually the 4th one: Performance.

Next time you are a judge and a contestant is performing on the stage or you are hiring a person for your organization or evaluating the performance of a sports person or checking the worksheets of your child, you need to decide where to give them the marks. To “On the stage” performance or “Behind the stage” preparatory efforts! TreeCall is yours, for performance fixes our price but efforts send coded messages about our net worth. Our ability to quickly jump off the block is our asset. Our disability to kill procrastination is our liability. Our Net worth is thus directly proportional to the drops of sweat we shade on the job, mental or physical. It’s not only about the number of fruits those are displayed on the branches of the life tree but also the number of stormy seasons the tree had stood strong. Roots of integrity rooted deep enough to hang on matters the most.


This article is written by Rajesh Bhattacharjee, a Harvard Alumnus on Psychology. He is a technical coach and a leadership trainer. You may contact him at himadree@mindcockpit.com

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The Bermuda Triangle Mind

A rambling rill that had started from the serenity of Gardens of Eden has created a world wide web of life. Fascinating www.life, a site that is being actively surfed by about 1.2 crores living creatures and Garden of edenprincipally by human. This site is operated with a public user id ‘action’ and a secret individualistic password ‘dream’. Brain: the CPU + Mind: the monitor + Intelligence: the RAM + Thoughts: the key board + Conscience: the mouse = Life. Life is not a fluke but a strategy. Strategized by the almighty nature or may be by the highly advanced extraterrestrial strangers. Whichever way it comes to being – life has two eternal purposes; live, so that genes live in us, reproduce, so that genes get transferred in to new vehicles, before we retire.

This life stadium Earth is fully crowded. A question is – who are the players and who are in the audience? The answer is most of us among humans, are spectators and a very few of us are the players. EarthWhere do I stand, in the field of actions or among the clapping crowed? Worst case scenario: Am I representing the rest of the world team other than human? Survival and reproduction are the only two priorities there. Rather let me rephrase “Where do I wish to find myself?’ Am I a mere courier boy for my genes? Biologically the answer is a big yes. Reproduction is the only action that bacteria play. Beyond this obvious is there any other purpose for living the life? How do I find it? How do I play the role of news makers and not merely exist as a bibliophile? How do I come out of a murky gray Bermuda Triangle state of mind and start seeing the bright beyond?

The tolerantly swelling semilunar slice of the optimistic moon comes out every night with a brighter dream to become the brightest, the full moon. Shine brightest not for self but to shine its eternal partner, the Earth.

The sea waves those gush and travel miles, tirelessly, only to kiss its eternal love – the land. Not for its sensory pleasure but to take away some heat from the languishing sand there.

The water that gets evaporated burnt in sun, travels thousands of miles to rain cheers on the courtyard of a farmer. In all these I find that every natural phenomenon has a purpose for happening.

I am out on a space odyssey. I want to find that ‘heavy mass’: ‘purpose’ that will make my life to orbit around it. This purpose, Rising star images5LBNRFSVlocated beyond my reachable stretches and reachable in my stretchable reaches, would make me taller. I will dig deeper in the mine of my mind. I must discover that powerful gravity. I’ll pull out my self-abilities trapped in narrow impasses and put them on the broad ways of wisdom.

I am a rising star of my own system and the sentinel of my vision.

Let me Rise up; let the ‘purpose’ light up path of my mission.


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If you enjoyed this reading please consider sharing this article leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed.

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