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The Net Worth of Life – 3

‘I can do, I should do, I will do and I must do’. These were the writings writings on the wallon the walls of higher secondary exam aspirant Chandresh Bhutani’s one room home. He had glued previous year’s HS toppers names on the wall and pasted his photograph too with 96% marks.

Ratilal, his father, just lost his job as a diamond polisher due to economic downturn, borrowed money to facilitate his education. His mother had started a tiffin service to fuel the household expenses. Chandresh appeared in HS final. The results were announced and he scored a 94.43% and stood second in the state board. He said ‘My family and I had to suffer a lot and I hope to change all of it even for others’. Chandresh kept the end in the mind ‘an escape from the poverty’ through education. His success came as writings on the wall.

Usain Bolt imagines standing ovation of crowed, during his practice Usain Boltsessions in empty stadiums. He travels from the success to the efforts. This approach makes his real success look effortless. He remains stress-free, focused, happy and ecstatic through his preparations. That enables him to go off like a nuclear reactor on those ‘D’-days of events.

One very apt example could be when we learnt bicycling in our childhood. We never focused at and so were never scared of the risk of falling down and fracturing our bones. Rather we carried an image in our mind of ‘riding a bicycle and going to school’. We learnt it, as if effortlessly. This approach makes small people achieve big things and live larger than life status. This success to effort approach certainly increases one’s net worth of life.


This article is written by Rajesh Bhattacharjee, a Harvard Alumnus on Psychology. He is a technical coach and a leadership trainer. You may contact him at himadree@mindcockpit.com

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Mind your Mind

Our subconscious mind at times is smarter than  our conscience. It gives us signals before our conscience wakes up. Many a times mindsubconscious mind warns us, we neglect and we find ourselves in soup!

A general example could be a student leaving a chapter before examination thinking there wouldn’t be any questions from it in the test. Although the subconscious mind warns ‘there may be one’! Often we ignore those signals. Another example could be preparations for a review meeting. We fill up a lot of pre designed formats over the night and leave only a few incomplete. Our mind alerts ‘boss might ask for those incomplete formats at the beginning of the review and you go fired right left center’! We simply ignore those signals. Consequences? Well, we all have been experiencing it in life. Our conscience wakes up then and we say alas! I would better have listened to my mind.

One may argue that this behavior of human is a trait of those who are generally research avert. However my point is – one researches only if s/he answers to the calls from her/his subconscious mind in the first place.

‘Unfortunately in this cyber age there is a risk of enduring a malady called TILF or Thoughtlessness Induced Link Failure. Our actions can lead us to failure if we don’t pick up the right one in line with our goals. It’s about putting effort and still losing. It’s different from doing nothing and loosing.

When our actions are not those structural and functional units of our vision, we accomplish something other than the goal. And our actions are not structural and functional units of our vision when we are unclear about the purpose of the action.

We refer this phenomenon as “I have done so many things but nothing has happened in my favor”. Or we say ‘my luck is bad’. Nothing happens just for happening, and therefore life is to be engineered to make it a happening place to live in.

Actions are the cells of vision. Short term goals are the tissues of vision and long term goals are the organs of vision. Vision is thus a system.purpose

Finally a number of visions make it to the big – accomplishing a predetermined purpose. Every cell, every tissue, every organ and every system puts synchronized and concerted effort together for a purpose.


In biology that is called as life and in psychology- SUCCESS.

Let’s mind our mind to mind our actions.