Parenting your mind

Parenting a Mind

Mind is the only known flying machine that flies faster than light into the abyss of Past and into the womb of Future. This amazing machine needs amazing maneuvers and 2015-02-01 18.18.54control. This unique site that you are in will train you to fly it safe and productive. Based on evidence based findings from the field of Neuroscience this is a learning platform for Students, teachers, parents, sales men, managers, leaders and employers. Content of this site is aimed at enhancing human performance by unleashing the human potential. Understanding about our brain potential and actions aimed to optimization would certainly make our lives more productive.

A student before reading his books needs to read his/her mind to understand the state of the mind. A sales man before selling his/her products or services needs to understand the mind of the buyer. Everyone needs to think about their thinking, something that is called as meta-cognition to remain from day dreaming. We say that everything exists twice in the world. Once when we visualize or plan it and then in reality when we do it. So Perfect visualization or planning for a fruitful execution matters. Through mindcockpit we bring to you many resources from the field of neuroscience to help you understand your mind better and fly it like a seasoned pilot.

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We are committed to make mindcockpit the world’s best, biggest and the most diversed canvas for writers to pen down their minds. Entrepreneurs can post a writeup and a video describing their business. Don’t forget attaching your website link if you have one.

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